Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high
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Love > Distance

What’s love? It’s impossible to describe in words how love makes us feel when it’s true love. It makes us smile, it makes us happy… When we are next to them, it’s almost impossible to breathe. Or when you text them, or call them… Just the idea of talking to them makes your heart beat faster and faster.

I am in long distance relationship for like a year. It’s only temporary because he is studying abroad. There’s more than 5723miles between us… There’s a huge time difference, too. 

I wish… we could just close our eyes and be where we want to be. I would give my everything just to be with him right now. Because when you miss someone so much, it’s so hard to live. My life has become bored. I am not sure what I was doing before him. 

But truth be told…. I think everyone understands what their love means to each other. I believe this love is worth everything. You are away, you can not touch them, hug them, kiss them yet you both still continue to love each other… So that’s true love.

Even though we are miles apart, we know someday we will be together and it’s gonna worth waiting… 

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